What Is Required To Build A Well-Designed Website?

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What Is Required To Build A Well-Designed Website?

What Is Required To Build A Well-Designed Website?
(Tuesday 28 April 2020)

A well-designed website’ – what does it mean? There are probably as many answers as there are Internet users. But a moment of reflection on the overall experience, some of the factors would be repetitive.

From the user’s perspective, complicated HTML codes and other inner tricks are not visible, so they’re not vital at all. What is then important for every visitor of a particular site? What makes people come back to the webpage and how to apply these elements to your own work?


  • Simplicity and Security


Research shows that also when it comes to web design – the simplest is the best. Sites that are described as user-friendly ones have a clear structure. There’s a clearly visible site navigation menu with a few (!) options to choose from, a simple heading without too much text and not too many ads, pictures, or additional functions. The user must immediately know the purpose of the site and feel safe there. You can find some ways to make your website work smoothly and safely for example in Wordpress security tips.


  • No Forms, Links or Passwords


If you want to make a well-designed website, you need to avoid lengthy links, forms, or ‘access with passwords’ boxes on the page. Accessing information should be extremely easy. Plus, if a user is asked to give any personal information (password, date of birth, email address) they may feel bothered about it and leave. It’s a natural psychological mechanism – if we’re required to give any personal data, we become suspicious. That’s why it’s better to keep it simple and avoid such elements on your site. 


  • Colors & Background


It may seem obvious, but well-adjusted colours and background are crucial to good website design. Try not to choose loud, garish colours that will pop-up the moment the site is opened. However, you should associate webpage colours with brand type and message. For example, if the brand is concerned with, let’s say, children’s toys and equipment, the whole page layout should be bright and playful. On the other hand, in the case of an insurance company, the design needs to remain professional and neutral.


  • Easy Contact


Providing easy contact with the brand owner/consultant is a crucial feature of a well-designed website. Nobody likes to browse through hundreds of pages in search of a helpline number or email address. Contact information should be easy to find, clear, and concise – you can create either an option in the menu or make a special section, e.g. at the bottom of the page. Whichever you choose will be okay, provided it’s not hidden and complicated. It’s also good to add links to various social media profiles of the brand, as it increases the traffic and popularity, as well as gives additional possibilities of keeping in touch.


  • High-Quality Videos and Images


No need to say that high quality is the key to success in many domains. In the case of website design, good quality of pictures and videos is a must. No one would like to watch poor quality, badly-adjusted materials that immediately evoke bad associations with the page and the brand. If you put any of the visual elements on your website, be sure they’re appropriate size and format. There’s nothing worse than a pixelated picture right on the top of a page. What’s more, make your videos and pictures browse smoothly. No one likes waiting long hours for the materials to load. 

Having considered all the important factors, it seems that there’s only one possible conclusion: designing an ideal, user-friendly, transparent, and functional webpage isn’t an easy task. It takes time, though, and effort to optimize it and provide the perfect parameters. But within time, everything is possible. Once you make the webpage perfect, try to maintain the good quality and ask your users for feedback. It’s crucial, as it gives real opinions and comments. 

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