Creative Design FAQ

Our designers create websites a few ways, using industry standard methods using the latest coding such as self contained systems like WordPress or building custom sites using Bootstrap, HTML and CSS.

This allows our sites to work across devices and platforms while being fast and fluid.

Timescales vary depending on your requirements, however we provide timeframes to aim towards and are able to fit work to your own schedule in most cases.

With both WordPress or our own custom solutions, you’ll have access to your website and content so you can make changes whenever you need.

We are always available to help with amends and updates to the website, ranging from full redesigns to simple image replacement.

Yes! Both our own platform and WordPress are eCommerce enabled so you can sell your items online.

There are no limits to how many products your website can have.

With all websites we build, optimisation is key! From start to finish the aim is to get your found and get visitors viewing your content. We offer SEO only services as well which can help give your existing website a boost.

Absolutely! If your website has been created by a friend or another company, we can simply host the content for you by providing you hosting space and FTP access. You can then simply upload your content whenever you wish.

Customer pay hosting which is put towards to upkeep and management of our servers and platforms.
This allows us to keep everything up to date and secure at all times, which results your websites running the best they can be.

Ongoing hosting payments also provides you access to the help and support from our UK support team via phone, email or webchat vs other providers who may only offer ticket based support.

We monitor and maintain all of our servers throughout the day, and provide off our hours monitoring so if there is an issue, we will know about it.

If you find any issues with your website specifically, we’re always happy to take a look to assist you to resolve them.

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If you would like to speak to our sales or support team, please call 01384 487800 to speak to one of our UK based team.

Chat to us online

Start a chat with one of team by using the chat feature at the bottom right corner of the screen.

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Head over to our contact page to get in touch with our UK based support team who are ready to help.