The Benefits Of Having A Mobile App For Your Website

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The Benefits Of Having A Mobile App For Your Website

The Benefits Of Having A Mobile App For Your Website
(Monday 1 June 2020)

The benefits of having a mobile app

In addition to having a website, you can also increase your digital exposure by having a downloadable app. Sometimes these apps can come at a considerable cost depending upon what you need it to do however today we’re going to look at why this is a worthwhile investment. We will look into the different benefits that a mobile app can offer and how this fares about what your mobile website can already offer them.


One of the big reasons that mobile apps tend to be, on average, 1.5x faster to load and navigate through than mobile websites. This may not seem much of a difference but in the modern-day users want things done as fast as possible. The reason they load faster is that the data they need to run is usually stored on the smartphone itself, making it easy to pick up this data rather than having to bounce data back and forth over the internet, which can be affected by factors such as how fast their internet is and congestion. Also, once an app is downloaded a user can access it with a simple tap as opposed to having to go onto their browser and type in the website address.


Depending on what you want your mobile app to do, you can also allow it to be accessed offline. If you have content such as blogs and videos you can make these accessible offline. This is one of the biggest differences between having just a website and a mobile app. Any content at all stored on your website requires an active internet connection which user don’t always have. So having it available for them 24/7 regardless of being online is a big benefit to the end-user. 

Engagement and Feedback

Having a mobile app also allows for more proactive and reactive engagement with users of your app. For example, you can send them notifications when a new service or blog is uploaded to your website. This ability to instantly let them know of a new feature or service on your app can’t be achieved as easily through your website, where they would only know as and when they had landed on your website. Notifications can also be sent following a user's activity on your app to ask for their feedback on how their experience was allowing you to act upon any feedback to improve the overall user experience.


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