Superfast Fibre Broadband

1 x Static IP – £2
4 x Static IP (2 usable) – £4
8 x Static IP (6 usable) – £6

Configured VDSL2/ADSL2+ Router including 1st class signed for – £45

New Phone Install – £55

Enhanced Care Level 3 – Report 13:00, clear by 23:59 same day.
Report after 13:00 clear by 12:59 next day, seven days a week, including Public and Bank Holidays

Fibre Broadband is become more and more available across the country and offers a much faster speed both on the download and upload compared to ADSL.

For us to check, we will need your property number/number and post code, and telephone number of the line you’ll want to use.

With this, we can provide you estimated speeds and recommend a package.

A router will allow your devices to connect to the internet, either with a ethernet cable or by WiFi.

As long as your router is compatible with the Fibre service (VDSL2 Compatible), it should work fine, however, depending on the age of your current router, and if you can access it to configure it, you may need a new router.

We recommend a router from a reputable brand that can provide help and support and updates going forward.

All our products apart from “Just Broadband” include a phone line from Freecom and are required in order to provide you with the service.

By providing us with the telephone install number you agree that Freecom Internet Services Ltd is to become your telephone provider.

We will notify your provider that we are taking supply of your services, but it’s your responsibility to let your current service provider know that you wish to cancel their service.

One-off connection fee £40 for fibre products

Calls to geographic numbers are charged are 1p per min, Vodafone, O2 & EE 10p per min, Three 15p per min

A compatible VDSL/ADSL+2 router is required in order to use the service, you may either purchase on from ourselves or supply your own

All contracts are 24 month

Payment is via Direct Debit; other forms of payment will incur an additional £5 admin charge

All our packages come with Standard Care Level 2– Clear by 23:59 next day, Monday to Saturday excluding Bank Holidays. For example, report Tuesday @ 09:58 cleared by 23:59 Wednesday

We recommend upgrading to Enhanced Care Level 3 if your business is heavily reliant on a connection to the internet

The speed you get with any of our products is determined by several factors such as:
<li>The distance from your address to the exchange or green cabinet</li>
<li>Condition of your telephone line</li>
<li>Internal wiring</li>
<li>Processing power of your computer</li>
<li>Whether you use a wireless or cable connection</li>
Prices shown exclude VAT. Call prices shown are charged per minute. Terms &amp; Conditions apply.
Errors &amp; omissions exempt.

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