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The One Pound Time Saver

The £1 Time Saver

As you know Google and other search engines are continually changing their algorithms to combat spam searches and remove bogus websites.

This is now happening more frequently; this year Google have made 2 major changes to their algorithm:

  • sites that are not 'responsive' (automatically adapt to mobile device-sized screens) are ranked lower than those that are
  • Penalisation of slowly performing websites

There’s a huge threat to your website being pushed down the rankings (behind all your competitors) and losing your business.

Obviously, we want to avoid this happening to our customer’s websites and will do everything we can to help you.

To counter the continual challenge of keeping up with the latest changes in search engine technology we are introducing our new product - The Managed Website Package

What's Included

  • A brand new 5-page website build (websites larger than 5 pages will incur an additional £25* per page)
  • Updates as and when they are required by search engines
  • A small Homepage makeover every 12 months to keep your website fresh (major makeover will incur an additional charge)
  • Ability to sell products (additional charge)
  • A very easy visual deitor so you can easily update your website at anytime


For less that £1 per day thats just £30* per month or a one off yearly price of £360*, for you to have piece of mind that your website will never be penalised by Google or any other search engine.

We would strongly recommend that you consider this package, as it will eliminate any potential search engine problems, now or in the future.

Either call us on 08444 720 022 or email us support@freecom.net

*All prices exclude VAT; monthly fee option is payable via Direct Debit. Terms & Conditions apply.

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