Email that promotes your business

Having an email address that matches your business name not only helps your brand image but it also makes it easier for your customers to contact you.

Once you have the perfect domain name,  you will have the ability to create any email address you want for your business or departments within the business, such as sales@yourdomainname.com or accounts@yourdomainname.com.

POP and IMAP Email

POP email is ideal for single users who want to access their emails either online using our own Freecom Webmail or via their email client such as Microsoft Outlook. Accessing the email via an email client downloads and saves all of the files locally to clients machine giving complete control to the user.

While IMAP emails provide functionality similar a POP account, IMAP accounts are able to read multiple folders, rather than just the inbox.

This is ideal for users who want to access their emails on multiple devices or have more than one user accessing the account.

IMAP emails are stored the server as well as a local copy on the device, allowing the email to be accessed across all the devices, for example, if you send an email from your mobile device, it will be visible in the sent items on your desktop.

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