Designed and built in-house

Freecom create native Apple iOS mobile applications for businesses (or personal, please get in touch for more info) from the ground up.

Built using our own in-house platform we can quickly develop, design and create your business an iOS application.

All our iOS applications are designed for the latest devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod's and build from iOS 8+ to ensure compability for those devices that don't run the latest iOS.

Management of the application couldn't be easier, with our own custom CMS (Content Management System) which allows you to manage content, products, push notifications and more without needing to know any code or have previous experience. Our UK support are on hand to provide help and support just in case!

You in their pocket

Mobile applications allow you to reach your target audiance in more ways than one, whether its convenience; keeping updated with the latest information or being able to be contacted with a tab of button, to functionality; purchasing products or logging in to custom systems or to simply to one-up your competitors by having an application - we can make it happen!

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