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Is Web Design Really Important For Business Websites?

Posted: (Friday 26 June 2020)

As a business, every pound counts, meaning that it can be exceptionally difficult to justify spending money on hiring a professional web designer when you can launch a site on your own with a DIY platform. However, is design something that a small business should be focused on, or is simply launching a site to have some sort of web presence enough? The reality is that your average web user is highly sensitive to design, whether or not they are aware of it, meaning that a poorly designed site may be driving potential clients away who would otherwise LOVE to work with you.

A well-designed website can be one of the most important decisions that a business owner makes in the early stages of their web presence, and can be the difference between an online presence that stays stagnant or being able to branch out and reach new customers and drum up a new business. A well-designed website may ultimately pay for itself, provided that the owner leverages their new design and sticks to a solid SEO strategy and provides their digital users with the type of content they expect.

Take a look at a few of the major points about why web design is so important for a small business hoping to make an impact on the internet.

First Impressions Matter

Think of your website as a sort of digital waiting room or showroom, where a potential customer comes in off the street in hopes of getting a better idea of what your business stands for and what they can expect from working with you. If they poked their head in and saw that it was complete chaos, you wouldn’t fault them for turning right back around. This is the same with a website, and we can track this behaviour with the “bounce rate” metric.

Ease of Use Is Essential

One of the most important aspects of good design is a simple experience and ease of navigation, meaning that a visitor can enter any page of your site from a search engine, and easily find the steps that they must take in order to get what they arrived for. This is called a user journey, and a good designer makes sure that these journeys are optimized to give your visitors the easiest experience possible.

Good Design Encourages Higher Search Engine Page Ranking

When a visitor enters your site and decides to click around, this sends a signal back to the search engine that this is a quality site with useful information. Remember that search engines are a customer-centric product above all, meaning that search engine companies want their customers to have a great experience both on the search platform AND on the pages they find. If your site is appealing to users, then search engines will be happy to send their customers your way.

Provide Your Customers With Useful Information

When you focus on providing your digital customers with a pleasant and useful experience on your site, you will quickly find that you are thinking of ways that you can serve them even better. This is where SEO comes into play: once you have a site that you are proud to share, you can fill it with information that can help your visitors and potential clients understand why you are an authority, and why they can trust you to provide them with the outcomes they expect. While you are providing this information and content, you can optimize your keywords in order to boost your SEO rankings and keep climbing the search engine rankings.




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