An all-in-one cloud based phone system that routes calls through the internet!

Hosted Voice is a scalable, versatile and cloud based way to effectively manage calls and connect people in the office, from home, on the road and even across multiple sites.

It provides the same functionality and reliability of a traditional telephone system, with advanced features that allow communication on a whole new level. This secure, self service solution adapts to the changing needs of your business and reduces operational costs while improving efficiency.

It’s ideal for businesses with more than 5 phone users and mobile staff that need to work from any location. It’s also perfect for organisations that require the adaptability to add users and plan for future growth while not wanting a big upfront investment.

Key VoIP Features

Use it on any IOS & Android mobile devices as well as your laptop or desk phone

Add users at any time with no disruption

Future Proof
Free updates mean you always have the latest software.

Always on, always connected

Operationally efficient
No IT experience required and with our self-service portal, add-ons and changes are quick and simple

Protects you against fraud by using the latest generation of firewalls and full username and password encryption

Automatic scheduling
Schedule day and night allowing you to control traffic and meet the demands of your business

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