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How To Double You Business Page Likes From Companies On Facebook In 1 Week

Posted: (Friday 3 April 2020)

So you are active on social media but you need more likes to your current facebook business page.

I thought I would share with you what I did to double my business page likes from companies on Facebook in 1 week!.

It’s pretty simple and there are only 2 simple steps.

Step 1 Join A Popular Business Facebook Group

Join this Facebook group here

Step 2 Request Likes From Businesses In A Popular Business Facebook Group

Once your membership has been approved make a new post something like this.
“Hi there I would like more likes for my business page here <your Facebook business page link> please like my page and I will like yours back, thank you”

Make sure to like back the pages that like you and watch your like count grow.

This is a great little way of quickly boosting your potential contacts as from the point that they like your business facebook page they will then see any posts from your page.


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