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Have You Ever Been Put Off Getting A Website?

Posted: (Monday 23 March 2020)

So there may have been a time when you have thought of getting a website, but due to what other people have said you didn’t.

You may have had people say things like:I had a website but it didn’t get me any extra business.
I had a website and it didn’t get any traffic.
I had a website and never got a call.

These are the types of thing you may have had people say to you. For them, this experience may be right, but there are reasons for it.

The main reason is when a person goes to a company to build them a website, they do not understand is that is exactly what they do and all they do. There is more required than just a great looking website to make it work for your business. Let try answering a few of the things people have said.

1) I had a website but it didn’t get me any extra business.

A) This is correct, a website does not make your new business on its own. It's a way to show your customers the products and services you offer. The main key is that you need to attract people to come and look at your website. You do this by making sure your business website is listed on Google and other search engines. When build websites, they are fully search engine optimised so that it is easier for google and other search engines such as bing to understand what your website is about, it's content and show your site in the search results when customers are looking for a business just like yours.

2) I had a website and it didn’t get any traffic.

A) Again remember the website is a tool to show your customers what you offer. As I stated in 1) the website alone will not bring in more traffic unless it listed on the search directories such as Google but also other directories such as cylex, all of which offer free business listings. Submitting your website to the most popular search directors for free can help increase what they call your link popularity which can help you obtain higher positions in search results.

3) I had a website and I never got a call.

A) That’s right you guessed it, it’s the same reasons as 1) and 2). Without making sure you are found on search engines and directories how would you expect people to find your business unless you tell them your website address?

So what have you just learned?

That getting a great looking website is only a small part of the challenge. Making sure people can find your website afterwards is the main challenge you will face.

That is why here at we are different. We don’t want you to get a great looking website that afterwards does not get any traffic or help your business. We want you to get a great website that works for you, that is listed on Google Search, Google MyBusiness, Google Analytics and that has been listed on other popular directories so that you do see traffic to your site, traffic that grows and that becomes the main asset to your business.

So why not give us a try and give us a call on 01384 487 810 or visit

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