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A domain name is your website name, its the address that your customers type in to their internet browser to access your website.

Your domain name can be any combination of letters and numbers, as long as it is unique, as no two domain names can be the same.
Once you have your domain name chosen, it ends with a extension such as, .org .com or .net.
It is the extension of the domain name that determines the price and how long the domain can be registered for, some can be registered up to 10 years!

All domain names need to registered before you can use it, which is where Freecom come in as the domain registrar, we register the domain name on your behalf.

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How do I register a domain?

Simply give us a call on: 01384 487 800 and we can go through the process with you (it only takes a few minutes).

We prefer to do this way with you as you may have questions you need answering or advice we can give you, not to mention any promotions for certain domain names.

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Bring your domain to Freecom

If you already have domain registered with a different domain registrar, and want to bring it over to us, you can!

Depending on the domain extension, such as .uk or .com, the process to move the domain can differ so its best to check with us or your current registrar first before starting the process.

Unlike other providers,  we don’t mind if you have a domain with us and other services like websites or email elsewhere, you’ll still be able to manage your domain names via our portal whenever you need – and may find renewals or additional features and services may be cheaper than what your currently paying.

One More Question?

Head over to our contact page to get in touch with our UK based support team who are ready to help.