Do You Run Your Own Business And Would Like More Customers?

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Do You Run Your Own Business And Would Like More Customers?

Do You Run Your Own Business And Would Like More Customers?
(Wednesday 1 April 2020)

Get More Customers With A Well Made Website!

So what is a well-made website?

The answer is quite simple. Rather than just build you a website which looks great and then leave you to do all the hard work of getting traffic to it. build you a great website that generates leads for your business that are optimised for search engines.

This usually costs an arm and a leg but we include this in your website build because we believe that you as a customer would expect this to be part of the idea of getting a website in the first place.

So let’s give you a customer example.

Our new customer Tubs N Taps Ltd had a website but unfortunately, they were not happy with the service they were getting from their existing supplier. It was just 1 page not optimised for search and not getting much traffic at all. They came to us and we explained to them the reasons why their site was not performing as they would expect and on this, they decided to join us and we would show them a better way a website can perform for their business.

Their website was built fast and they love how it looks and works for their customers, but more importantly, in that first week, it was getting traffic. See the image below for their first week’s stats. Pretty impressive./images/82588351_10157832474254787_7834644956407922688_o-1024x576.jpg


3 days after the above stats and their traffic is increasing! See the image below.


Now, these are real stats from a real customer and this is within the first 2 weeks of their website is made on a new domain name, not their old one which unfortunately their old provider would not allow them to have. does not just build great websites, we build a new income stream for your business that works out of the box. The customer has full control of their site logins, usernames and password etc they own their site and their domain name all under their control.

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