Do you need a way to offer online food/drink ordering?

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Do you need a way to offer online food/drink ordering?

Do you need a way to offer online food/drink ordering?
(Monday 30 March 2020)

Do you need to offer online ordering? are reaching out to businesses that are in desperate need to be able to offer their customers the ability to order products online

We understand that at this current time you may be having difficulties offering this to your customers, so have found a way to make it easier for you to do.

How will online ordering work?

We will give you the ability to allow your customers to download your own branded mobile/tablet applications to their mobile devices. The application would be available to download on the Apple App Store for iPhone/iPad devices and on the Google Play Store for Android phones and tablets.

The application will be branded to your business helping increase your brand awareness and only your business will be available to order from within the app.

Your customers will be able to pick items from a menu of your choice and then be able to pay for the products via the app using their credit/debit card. The order details and customer details will then be emailed over to you so that you can dispatch the order to the customer.

How will online ordering help my business?

  • Boost sales. There are hundreds of thousands of people ( your potential customers ) downloading mobile applications which offer food delivery every day and many of these people ( potential customers ) are local to you. These can be your customers and help your business to increase sales
  • It will increase brand awareness. Once the application is downloaded to the customer's mobile device they will see your brand logo every time they scroll through the apps on their phone or tablet. This has the effect of making people think of your brand (business) when they feel the need for the products that your business offers.
  • Increase customer loyalty. Have you ever stopped and think how many of your customers have ordered food from your competition just because they had a mobile app to do it from already on their phone such as Just Eat for example? Having your business on a customers mobile device will help to keep your customers coming back to your business.
How can I find out more about your online ordering app?

For more information on our app just fill out the form and we will contact you.