Freecom's Corona Virus Statement

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Freecom's Corona Virus Statement

Freecom's Corona Virus Statement
(Thursday 12 March 2020)

We do not believe that this outbreak will have a direct impact on the services we provide to our customers.


We are continuing to monitor the situation, particularly with respect to suppliers who are critical to our services.

Should there be any restrictions on movement within the UK, Freecom has in place a ‘Work from home’ plan. Every member of staff can securely access systems needed to support Customers from their home location, this includes the Website platform, Emails, Broadband, access to incoming telephone calls and emails.

We advise that you make sure all of your required staff are signed up and able logged in to your so as to receive important news and updates and communicate with us via our ticketing system, if you need to have your login details sent to you then please get in touch with

If you have any questions, please get in touch by email at or by telephone on 08444 720022.

The Freecom Team