To get your website started, first we need a bit of information to help us deliver the perfect website.

Step 1: Your Details

Step 2: Your Website Basics

Please list the pages that you would like to include, such as a Services page, or About Us (don't worry, more pages can be added at a later date)

Have you seen any websites you like the look of, or any elements of a website that you would like to use on your website, such as a slideshow or how content is set out.

List the websites below so we can take a look

Do you have a colour scheme you would like to use, such as brand colours or just colours you like.

Please use to select colours you would like to just and note them down below.

Images on a website can be powerful, and having your own is recommend however if you don't, don't worry. We can use stock images instead (and replaced later if you wish).

If you are providing your own images, please either zip up the images to a single file and email it to, or use a file sending provider such as (Free and no account required!)

Please use the following sites to view free photos you can use and add the links below - Please be aware of sponsored images that link to other websites which are chargable.

Pexels - Free Images and Videos
Pixabay - Free Images and Videos
UnSplash - Free Images

Step 3: Website Extras

OPTIONAL - Skip if you already have this or if this does not apply

Do you require any email(s) to go with your domain name and website, such as sales@ or info@, if so, please list them below

OPTIONAL - Skip if you already have this or if this does not apply

Do you require any additional domain names to be registered, or redirected to your main domain name, if so, please list them below

If you have a social media we can link to from your website, please provide the links to the pages below

All websites that we produced are optimised while we build them, however additional SEO work can be done to the site after its built to ensure it remains as good as it can be.

Step 4: Details and Costs

With the details above, and a chat with one of our designers we can give you an accurate cost for the website build, and get in touch with you, however we can give you some costs now for some of the other services.

Stock Photos / Videos

Most of the links above for images and videos are free to use, however you may find images from premium sites such as, its recommended that you purchase these yourself as then you will own the rights to reuse them in the future.

Domain Names

Standard Domain Names (such as or .com) are charged at £20+VAT for a 2 year registration period.

Email Service

Emails start from £1.50+VAT per month, per users for POP/IMAP account and from £3.30+VAT per month per user for Microsoft Exchange.