Welcome to the Family Michelle Geer

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Welcome to the Family Michelle Geer

Welcome to the Family Michelle Geer
(Tuesday 10 March 2020)

We've had a new starter......


We would like to welcome Michelle to the Freecom/School Life Family!


Michelle will be the Area Manager for School Life supporting new and existing schools on the greatest school communications platform available today - "School Life"


She will show them how easy it is to create their own website, they will also see the app, building itself as they add more content. She will show them how to easily message parents, staff, pupils, and governors for free via the platform. She'll help them set up and manage parent's evening bookings, create and manage school-wide calendars personal calendars or group calendars, show them how to create Newsletters in minutes not days, and send them out electronically. The schools will learn how to manage the pupil's homework on the system and much, much more!

If you would like to meet Michelle so she can show you all of the above then please call school life on: 01384 386 616