Bad Business Reviews And How To Handle Them

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Bad Business Reviews And How To Handle Them

Bad Business Reviews And How To Handle Them
(Monday 27 April 2020)

So you think bad reviews are well just bad, well no, in today's world most companies see bad online reviews as one of the ways to get more sales plus be more proactive and productive. It is seen as being important for example as customers recommendations will make other people seeing excellent reviews as being more likely to do business with them.

However, just like anyone else, you will most likely receive a negative review sooner or later, which can potentially hurt your business performance. Since you can’t possibly please everyone, you have to prepare yourself for customers leaving some bad reviews about your business. In such a case, don’t let those negativities overpower your business. Instead, acknowledge the mistake, if there is any, and use the same to improve your business. 

If you’ve had some bad reviews, here’s how you can handle them to benefit your business. 

Remove Bad Reviews

As mentioned, having bad reviews can harm the reputation of your company, especially if they have been written intentionally to dishonour you and your business. Therefore, instead of being too hard on yourself, find some ways to remove them from your website and other online accounts. 

Given the age of technology, these days you can take advantage of several methods to remove online reviews which aren’t beneficial for your business. For example, if you’ve found disrespectful or entirely inappropriate reviews on your company’s Facebook page, you always have the option to respond to them or remove them for one reason or another. 

Thus, if you want to remove bad Facebook reviews online, some companies can help you through the process and ensure you collect hundreds of positive customer reviews. 

Look For Repeated Complaints

Again, you can’t force everyone to like your business. Some will love doing business with you while others will look for different options. As a business, you don’t have to take all the negative reviews seriously. Besides, not all customer feedback is useful, as some are deliberately given just to discredit your company.

For this reason, looking for commonalities or repeated complaints can be an excellent way to handle bad reviews online. When you go through reviews, make it a point to note anything repetitive and figure out the causes of the problem. For example, most reviews focus on how disappointed they are with your product. A suitable way to handle this would be to identify these patterns and determine the product that makes your customers unhappy. 

By looking for common issues, it’ll be easier for you to brainstorm solutions and make a lasting impression on your customers. 

Respond And Apologize

When you receive bad reviews about your business, it’s a good idea to acknowledge that you’re just a human being capable of making mistakes. Sometimes, errors or mix-ups can cause customers to give negative online reviews. Instead of getting irritated about their comments, take a deep breath, and do your best to respond to them quickly. 

Whatever they do, don’t fight with them as it may only cause trouble for your company. If you can communicate with them online, do so by telling them that you’re sorry about the bad experience they’ve had with your brand. Also, assure them that you’re willing to correct the mistake you’ve made, so they can have a pleasant customer experience moving forward. 

Remember, the more humility you show regarding their issues, the more they can see that you’re serious about providing them with the best customer service they’ll ever get. As a result, you’ll be able to regain their trust and confidence in your brand. 

Try To Be More Authentic And Personal 

Of course, you want your customers to feel that you’re serious about doing business with them. Therefore, if you’ve encountered customers who give bad online reviews, show some sincerity when responding to anything negative that they say. 

Try to be more authentic and personal in your responses by asking your employees to use their real names and disclose their roles in the company. And to make sure the business can handle their issues properly, share your contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses. 

Remember, by reaching out to your clients on a personal level, you can minimize the number of customers giving bad reviews on your business. 

Promote A Positive Image Of Your Business

When responding to your customer’s bad review, why not include some statements that will make it seem like you’re promoting a positive image of your company? For instance, talk to them in a non-condescending tone and showcase your business’ strengths in your response. 

Aside from apologizing, you can use your responses to present your business in a positive way while making them feel heard and acknowledged. 

Take Action

Once you’ve identified significant patterns in your customer reviews, it’s time to take action and modify your business for the better. Since you want your business to become popular as an entity that acknowledges customer feedback, take some steps to start the positive change. 

If there’s a need to adjust your business model or the way you handle customer experience, do so to minimize the long-term negative consequences of not taking action and ignoring customer opinions. 

Follow Up After The Resolution Of The Issue 

After taking action on the issue, the next step is to follow up with the customer and ensure they’re happy with how you resolved their problems. That way, they’ll be grateful for the patience and commitment you show to make shopping a positive experience for them, and that’s bound to engender customer loyalty. 

Encourage More Customer Reviews

To mitigate the impact of the bad reviews, it’s a good idea to encourage customers to write more online reviews. You can do this by leaving signs or window stickers asking your customers to visit the review sites and give some feedback. Also, you can put badges on your website linking to review sites you want to promote. Doing this can help you offset the effects of a negative review of your brand. 


If there’s one thing you need to understand, it’s that bad reviews can be used as a learning experience to make a change in how you do business. If you’ve consistently received negative reviews, keep the tips mentioned above in mind so you’ll know how to handle them properly going forward.




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