pop3, imap and exchange emails

POP or IMAP, What's Best for Me?

POP3, or Post Office Protocol is the current version of this most popular type of email protocol.

POP3 creates local copies of emails which is ideal for single users.

As POP3 emails only copy incoming emails which are in the inbox, so other folders such as Drafts or Sent remain on the device that the account is set up on, and won’t show on other devices as its all local.

The opposite of this is IMAP, Internet Message Access Protocol.

Compared to POP email, IMAP email allows users to have their email set up on different email clients and view the same emails, due to the emails being kept on our remote email servers until the user deletes them.

This is ideal for groups of users such as a support team or finance department for example, they are then all able to access the same email account and view all of the emails

Email Clients or Webmail Access?

Both of our email services can be used with an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or via our own Webmail Interface, allowing you to have access to your emails at all times.

For information and help on setting up our email service on your devices, please see our email help and support section.

Interested in an Exchange?

Head over to our Microsoft Office 365 page and see how having access to the Microsoft products like Word and Excel as well as online access to your emails can help your business.

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